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        *Premier Manufacturers, Exporters & Traders of

Exquisite Historical Clothing,

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Medieval Fashion


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*Seth Sons India is the country’s leading artisanal manufacturers and exporters of medieval apparel, historical clothing & fabrics for costume making. 

Our focus lies on creating medieval fashion that embodies the ethos and emotions of a time known for its fashion grandeur and unparalleled quality.recycle Fabric

Our extensive portfolio includes a diverse melange of textiles, yarns, bespoke medieval costumes and garments, among other handmade fabric-based products that are meticulously crafted so you can relive the splendour of the medieval ages.

For the true connoisseur, it is essential that the medieval clothes genuinely emote and portray the aesthetics and appearance of the historic era in question.

Seth Sons India’s craftsmen focus on weaving 100% authenticity which starts with extensive research as well as using refined techniques, fabric materials and design practises that were cultivated in that age, so you can experience the magnificence of the medieval ages in the truest sense.

^Authentic Medieval Fashion & Fabrics From Master Craftsmen


Bringing over 11 years of experience, Seth Sons India are historical clothing specialists who cater to patrons looking to taste the greatness and glory of the  renaissance and medieval era.

From outfits for theatre, costume enactments, film productions, television shows, museums or for craft projects, educational institutions, live action role play (L.A.R.P.) and for your own self, we deliver exemplary fabrics, textiles and historical clothing for all requirements and needs across the globe.Peta approved

Our motley of craftsmen innately understand historical clothing and the finer elements of textures, weaves, techniques and styles of the time, making it possible to deliver to markets of the United States, Australia, and many European nations.

Right from the raw material to the techniques, our collections are an ode to the medieval age.

Every single product with Seth Sons India’s name is brought to life using natural fabrics like wool, cotton, linen, among others that stick true to the resources that were available in the renaissance and medieval age.

Our artisans are adept at weaves such as twill, herringbone, diamond, plain weave among others, which truly encapsulate the vision of the medieval ages.

Select from a dynamic medieval clothing collection that includes medieval tunics, wool tunics, cloaks, viking clothes, medieval pants, dresses to woollen melton tweed fabric, loss wave fabrics, and so many more; hand stitched and crafted perfectly to it’s last detail, available at the best price made as per your preference.

^Enchant your mind with our assortment of styles and stunning textures representing the finest fashion artistry of the medieval age.

Why Choose Seth Sons? 

  1. Sustainable production.

Before eco-friendly became a buzzword, we were already in the thick of sustainability.

We deploy eco-friendly design, production, and manufacturing practices to produce the famed Seth Sons India quality.

  1. One-stop destination. Cost-effective solutions.

Our spacious facility, equipped with a host of modern additions, allows us to manage and execute all parts of the business at one destination.

This helps in curbing extra costs, thus greatly benefiting clients, and allowing us to effectively control all aspects of the business.

From production to design and packaging, we are a vertically integrated manufacturer of yarns, fabrics, textiles, and medieval fashion wear, with all parts of the business being managed under one roof.DiamondDiamond Weave Fabric Weave Fabric

Supported by an array of advanced machines and equipment, the team is able to create products that acquire the seal of approval in no time.

Such technological support thus aids in fostering smooth operations, enhanced productivity, and timely delivery of goods, all while maintaining fair-trade practices and ethics.

  1. A tribute to the creativity of the medieval age.

As India’s leading producer and exporter of textiles and fabric-based products, functionality, comfort and timeless appeal define our merchandise.

Endless hours of research goes into deeply understanding the material, texture, style, design and finish of the ordered clothing item to give you a product that is a true, authentic symbol of medieval and renaissance fashion.fine Herringbone

Our historical clothing and medieval costumes are customizable to incorporate your choice of embroideries, stitching, among a host of other value additions. Whatever your requirement be, you can implement your ideas with the lowest sampling cost before placing the order for production.

  1. Incomparable-quality standards. Reliable service 

Being an ISO 9001:2015, OEKO Tex Standard 100 accredited company  we are known for the finesse we bring to each of our goods and products.

We are also a SEDEX and PETA-approved clothing business which serves as proof of the high-standards we have integrated and honed over the years.

Establishing reliability in the hearts of our clients  is important to us.

The quality control unit of Seth Sons is one of our most important business divisions, dedicated to guaranteeing that the highest possible quality reaches our clients and fans.

For this reason, the trained quality controllers working in this unit thoroughly inspect all items for manufacturing flaws before distributing them to customers.Herringbone Weave Fabric

  1. Worldwide presence.

As a leading exporter to countries across the globe, we have to our credit a long list of reputed organizations and clients who have partnered with us and availed of our products and goods.

Few names of clients include:


2) London Metropolitan Police

3) Queens Cavalry

4) SAS, UK

5) Diesel

6) Barbour, UK

7) Estee lauder-Aveda

Our Mission, Vision & Values 


  • To fulfill client wishes and maintain the highest standards of quality at all times.


  • We want to become a global business leader that manufactures a broad array of textiles and medieval apparel for customers. We strive towards client satisfaction by combining state-of-the-art innovation and technological resources to achieve perfection in design, manufacturing, and customer service.


  • Despite our love for new technologies and pioneering design sensibilities, Seth Sons adheres to the eternal values of genuineness, integrity, and quality for every task performed.
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